Thursday, July 06, 2006
100 Things
1. My favorite color is red, but not to wear

2. I think I have good hair, but it never lives up to it's potential.

3. I'm a weenie, but I have a high threshold for pain.

4. I rarely eat the last of anything, for fear someone wanted it more than me.

5. I throw out a lot of leftovers, but feel guilty about it.

6. I'm fat and forty, but don't feel like it; I'm always surprised when I look in the mirror.

7. I think my kids are so cute, but I often overlook it in the present tense.

8. I had a job from the time I was sixteen till I was thirty and I've spent the last ten years trying to get used to not having one.

9. My kids are the only hard thing I never quit.

10. I'm not exactly a pack-rat, but I have a very hard time letting things go.

11. My husband would say I'm a pack-rat.

12. I have a thick Texas accent.

13. My brother and I were born on March 17th, but he's four years younger than me.

14. I always worry about people thinking I'm not smart.

15. I've known my husband since the third grade, but we weren't high school sweethearts.

16. I don't have a college degree, but if I did, it would have been in fine arts. And I would have wished it had been in writing.

17. I love to read.

18. My favorite author is Steven King.

19. I feel the need to apologize about that, but I think he's an excellent story teller, despite the subject matter.

20. I've never been very kid-like and find it hard to play with my kids, but I like to color and play cards.

21. I've never felt beautiful except when I was pregnant.

22. I've lived in four different cities since I've been married, all in Texas.

23. I always think I'm a dog person, but I'm not. I inherit that from my Mom.

24. My brother really is a dog person. He inherits that from my Dad.

25. My favorite sound is giggling.

26. I like to watch t.v. and reality shows, but not when it gets too smutty.

27. I'm somewhat artistic and can draw things.

28. I prefer humor over sentimentality, but like most people, I cry at a good Hallmark commercial.

29. I love white roses that hint of yellow or cream.

30. Fireworks scare me.

31. I always wanted a Barbie Doll, but got Charlie's Angels dolls for Christmas instead.

32. I hate to wear my shoes.

33. I like to scrapbook.

34. My favorite candy is M & M's and yes I have a system. Brown's first, Green's last, the rest in decending order from most to least.
No green M & M jokes please.

35. I am easily overwhelmed and suffer from procrastination due to fear of failure.

36. Plus I might be lazy.

37. I need at least nine hours of sleep to feel rested.

38. I haven't felt rested in years.

39. I wanted to be a Meteorologist when I was in the third grade because I liked the big words, but I found out later it required a lot of math.

40. I hate math.

41. I love babies.

42. I like to go to the driving range and would like to have golf lessons.

43. I don't think I'm interesting enough to have a 100 things list, but I'm stubborn enough to finish.

44. My side of the bed is whichever side is furthest from the door.

45. I've grown from painfully shy to moderately shy, but always friendly.

46. I'd like to have a nice pair of cowboy boots, but I find it extravagant, seeing as how I don't like to wear shoes.

47. I love going to the movies.

48. I would be good on Survivor, but I couldn't eat gross stuff.

49. Okay, maybe I wouldn't be good on Survivor, but I'd like to be on Survivor.

50. I wish I could sing.

51. I have one brother.

52. My husband has four brothers and three sisters.

53. We both come from Catholic famlies, his more-so than mine.

54. My favorite food group is the Ice Cream group.

55. My favorite flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip.

56. I don't like scary movies.

57. I quit reading scary books when I realized how scary real life can be.

58. My husband and I were Homecoming King and Queen. (Small school)

59. I've only had one epidural. (Yes, I'm bragging.)

60. I love trees.

61. I drive a Yukon. I call it a truck. I read somewhere once that that really irrates somebody, but I think it sounds arrogant to call it a Yukon cause it's ten years old and has over 200,000 miles on it.

62. I'm a world class worry wart.

63. I hate to clean the bathrooms.

64. I don't mind laundry. (And it's a good thing that I don't.)

65. I make the saltiest, butteriest, Chex Mix this side of the Pecos.

66. I had a horse when I was in school.

67. My horse threw my husband over the "handlebars" and so he always hated that horse and still makes fun of him today.

68. I like to complain. (This is hard.)

69. I don't understand rude people.

70. I've learned to like roller-coasters and I love the Batman roller-coaster at Six Flags in Arlington.

71. I don't like trying new things, but my husband is good at getting me to do it anyway.

72. I'm learning that I don't always have to be right.

73. My husband's not interested in learning that life lesson.

74. We are practicing Catholics.

75. I need a lot of practice.

76. I've never been an outdoorsy girl, but I do like to camp.

77. My mother used to have to force me to spend time outside.

78. Dr. Pepper is my favorite soda.

79. I like to shop, but rarely have the money or the opportunity.

80. I have a really cool Electra Bicycle called "Rosie" that my husband bought me for my fortieth birthday.

81. I played the clarinet in Junior High, but can't read music anymore.

82. I never had to take a driving test, the DMV messed up and sent me out a license with no restrictions.

83. My driving instructor used to call me Mario Andretti.

84. My husband gets a lot of speeding tickets.

85. I used to work in Banking.

86. Yes, I know, I hate math, but I'm a super-fast money counter and my customer service skills are mad.

87. Aww, my son, who's looking over my shoulder said I'm pretty. (I wonder what he wants)

88. I'm so close I can smell it. Oh! My favorite smell is babies heads.

89. I also feel the need to touch all childrens heads, but I try to refrain around strangers.

90. I never played with dolls when I was young, I was the stuffed animal girl.

91. I can't decide between a mini-van, the new Toyota Hybrid SUV, and a giant Suburban, but I NEEED three rows of seats.

92. I like quiet, but had four kids instead.

93. I would like to travel with my hub and kids in an RV and see some places I've never seen.

94. I love my Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart and all my mind and all my soul, but religion trips me up a lot.

95. I like learning about the Bible.

96. I went to the Wayland Baptist Flying Queens' Basketball camp in the summer of my 6th and 7th grade years.

97. I have big feet and they got bigger every-time I had a baby.

98. This is too hard, I think I'll come back and finish it later.

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